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On February 21, 1967 the Order of the Minister of the Automotive Industry of the USSR “On the Construction of New and Reconstruction of Existing Factories of the Ministry of the Automotive Industry to provide components to the Volga Automotive Plant” was issued, including the construction of the Melekessky Plant of car body accessories, carburetors and bearings (“MZKA”).


In December 1969 the state commission signed an act on the commissioning of the first stage of the building of auxiliary workshops - one of the main factory facilities.


June 1972 - with the renaming of the city, the plant became known as “DAAZ” (Dimitrovgrad automotive component Plant).


December 1972 - By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR, the plant was given the name "The 50th Anniversary of the USSR".


September 1974 - DAAZ is included in the Volga association for the production of passenger cars.


1982 - The plant produces parts, assemblies and units not only for VAZ Lada cars, but also a wide range of products for the Kama Automotive Plant. A significant number of components and parts are supplied for Gorky, Ulyanovsk, Zaporozhie, Moscow Lenin Komsomol and other automotive plants in the country. The range of products is rather broad. These are products of the fuel group - carburetors, fuel pumps, devices for reducing fuel emission. The car body accessory group includes door locks, window regulators, exterior and interior rear-view mirrors, sun visors. In the group of electrical equipment products are ignition switches with anti-theft device, rear lamps, direction indicators. In addition, the plant produces radiators, steering wheels, valves for tires, bearings for diesel engines, as well as conveyor systems with automatic addressing.


May 1993 - the plant is registered as an open joint stock company. The founder of OAO DAAZ is AVTOVAZ Joint Stock Company.