Results of the Sports&Athletic Contest 2019

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1 February 2020

On January 29, 2020 in the Museum of Labor Glory of DAAZ the results of the Sports&Athletic Contest 2019 among the enterprises of the DAAZ industrial site and the Association for Social Support of Retirees of the DAAZ Industrial Site were summed up.

In the presence of the participants, organizers and fans the teams that won prizes following the Sports&Athletic Contest were solemnly announced.

1st place - the team of the Association for Social Support for Retirees of DAAZ Industrial Site

2nd place - the team of DAAZ LLC

3rd place - team of Avtosvet LLC

The head of the HR department of OOO DAAZ Olga Aksentyeva and the chairman of the trade union of OOO DAAZ Vladimir Bezrukov congratulated with all his heart the winners, prize-winners and participants of the 2019 Sports&Athletic Contest and wished them new victories in the 2020 Sports&Athletic Contest.

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