Personnel policy

The goal of our company is to offer a wide range of products and services at a consistently high quality of service.

OOO DAAZ is a socially responsible company. It is the primary taxpayer in Dimitrovgrad city and acts for the long-term benefit and well-being of its employees.

The success of the company is determined by the people. Today their number is almost 4000 . High qualification, responsibility and labor efficiency of DAAZ employees is the basis for the implementation of all strategic plans of our enterprise.

The HR policy of OOO DAAZ is aimed at forming a team of result-minded professionals. Its priorities are as follows:

- selection and employment of promising employees.
Our company is conducting systematic work to increase the prestige of workers and engineering professions. We appreciate energetic and interested in professional growth employees having working specialties and engineering staff who set up achievable goals.

- staff development (assessment, work with the candidate pool, training and advanced training).

OOO DAAZ is trying to make the process of promoting an employee through the career and professional ladder within the company as transparent as possible. By participating in the production system, the work of project teams, professional skills contests, each employee has the opportunity for positional and professional development. Each employee can count on an objective assessment of their professional qualities by management.

- motivation of employees.

Managers and foremen are responsible for the proper organization of work, a healthy moral and psychological environment in the work team, timely awareness and labor safety.

- development of corporate culture.

 OOO DAAZ appreciates employees who take the initiative, who are professionals in their domain and are able to work effectively as a team, in accordance with the Code of Corporate Ethics.

- observance of rights and ensuring social guarantees of workers in accordance with the requirements of labor and pension legislation.

The company pays great attention to the senior, provides assistance to its retired employees, as well as sponsored Labor veterans and the Great Patriotic War veterans. After retirement, the company’s employees remain team members, share experience with the young and participate in social and cultural life.

 - systematic work to improve working conditions.

Our company takes care of its employees by granting social benefits and guarantees provided by the Collective Labor Agreement.

The company creates equal conditions for the development of employees, helps in training and career planning, encourages the focus of each employee on self-education, the exchange of experience and knowledge between employees.

At DAAZ, everyone will be able to fully realize their potential and realize oneself as a high-class employee!