Industrial park

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Industrial Park DAAZ has 25,900 sq. m of open areas of various functional uses available, which makes it possible to offer the maximum possible location options for future residents.


Description Total supply volume Reserve capacities
Electric energy, installed power 40 MWth 25 MWth
Pressed air, m³/min. 1370 1200
Utility and drinking water supply, m³/day 1500 500
Fire water, m³/day 2000 500
Sewerage system (industrial wastewater), m³/ day 1000 200
Industrial wastewater "МО", m³/h 200 100
Sewerage system of domestic wastewater (Sanitary sewer), m³/ day 3200 1100
Sewerage system of storm water runoff, m³/ day 2400  
Heat supply (purchased), Gcal 49940 3000
Steam supply (purchased), t/h 2,0 10,0
Telecommunications, q-ty of numbers 500 34
Gas supply, m³/year 3 000 000 2 000 000
Water circulation, m³/h 2400 150

  • Distance to the nearest city - 85 km (Ulyanovsk).
  • Distance to Moscow - 939 km.
  • The regional road “Ulyanovsk-Samara” passes through Dimitrovgrad, along which the Industrial Park DAAZ is located.
  • On the territory of the Industrial Park DAAZ there are: automobile roads and railway lines.
  • Unloading of wagons is carried out on the territory of the industrial park, at the unloading terminal.
  • Distance to the nearest airports is:
    • distance to the airport "Vostochny" - 60 km,
    • distance to the airport "Kurumoch" - 110 km,
    • distance to the airport "Ulyanovsk Central" - 100 km.
  • Distance to the nearest river port "Ulyanovsk" - 110 km.
  • Distance to the Municipal solid waste landfill - 27 км.