The goal of our company is to offer a wide range of products and services at a consistently high quality of service.

ООО "Dimitrovgrad powder metallurgy plant"
The Russian company is one of the key manufacturers of metal powder products in Russia. The company is developing technologies for the production of parts from materials on iron and copper base with the addition of alloying components (C, S, P, Sn, Mn, Ni, Mo, Co) to produce precise products for engines, gearboxes, suspension components, car bodies as well as electrical and consumer products.
Andrey Alexeevich Burov
Head of Commercial Bureau
Phone (84235) 2-96-02

ООО "Dimitrovgradsky avtoagregatny zavod"
The Russian company that specializes in the production of: - small and middle size stampings from sheet steel, parts of automatic-lathe production, as well as parts of electroplated coating with applicability to various components of VAZ, KAMAZ, UAZ etc.; - in design and manufacture of high-efficiency cutting, auxiliary tools, jigs, cold stamping dies, dies for the production of metal powder products, die casting molds for non-ferrous metals, plastics and mechanical rubber products, trimming dies, special equipment, spare parts for equipment; - in the production of aluminum assembled and brazed radiators, cable drives for light vehicles, automotive body components (handles, cables, brake hoses, door locks, ignition switches, mirrors, window regulators, oil receivers, leveling devices) and parts of fuel injection equipment (carburetors, gas pumps, throttle intakes, fuel rails); - in manufacture of parts by non-ferrous casting (aluminum and zinc alloys), followed by their mechanical processing. The company has the ability to manufacture zinc anodes; sales metal waste scrap.
Aleksandr Gennadyevich Kostin
Head of development and preproduction department
Phone (84235) 5-34-65
Rechkalov Evgenii Victorovich
Deputy head of sales for non-core assets department
Phone (84235) 5-32-80
Purchasing department:
Phone (84235) 5-30-70

ООО "Avtosvet"
The largest manufacturer of lighting products for automobile plants in Russia and the CIS countries. The company produces a variety of lighting products: headlamp assemblies, fog lamps, rear lamps.
Alexey Vladimirovich Ukhin
Head of Procurement
Phone (84235) 4-69-38, 6-11-05

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Radio Frequency Center of the Central Federal District"
The main objectives of the enterprise are: to ensure the proper use of radio frequencies and corresponding radio electronic means in the territory of federal region; monitoring radiation of radio-electronic means and high-frequency devices (radio monitoring).

ООО "Dimitrovgrad lighting plant"
The Russian company specializing in the production of body fittings - interior and exterior parts for VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, ZMA, SeAZ, Ros-Lada, IzhMash, which include: window rollers and car door handles, inside rear-view mirrors, radiator grilles, rails, gearshift arms, as well as components as part of: carburetor, gas pump, ignition switch, radiators, brake booster etc.

PАО "Sberbank RF"
The largest bank in Russia provides services in crediting, money transfer, issuing and processing bank cards, bank insurance etc.

ООО "Antera"
The Russian organization specializing in the operation of canteens in organizations and institutions.

ООО "UAT Cargo"
Transport company of OOO UAT Group. The company's goal is proper logistics in all presence regions of the Croup companies and its partners. Own park of OOO "UAT Cargo" has several dozen modern mainline vehicles. UAT Cargo provides services of transit depot when delivered to AVTOVAZ.

ООО "Federal-Mogul Dimitrovgrad"
The company specializes in the production of friction bearings (inserts, bushings, half rings) made of steel-bronze and aluminum-steel tape for engines of trucks and light vehicles; in the production of steel-bronze tape by continuous casting.
Corporate site.

ООО "Svetkon"
The Russian organization specializing in retail trade in non-specialized stores, mainly of food products.

ООО " StroyDetalKonstrukciya "
The Russian organization specializing in the production of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products for use in construction industry; in the production of dry concrete mixes; manufacturing of other products from concrete, plaster and cement.

ООО "Dimitrovgrad valve plant"
The Russian focused manufacturing facility for the production of valve products is the leader in Russia in the production of automotive valve products. The product range is more than 50 items that are used to complete all types of tires and wheels manufactured by domestic industry, CIS countries and foreign manufacturers.