How to become a supplier

The goal of our company is to offer a wide range of products and services at a consistently high quality of service.

Dear suppliers!

1. Study the list of the goods, works and services to be purchased

In accordance with the profile of your organization in the Procurement Program, read the following information about planned purchases of the goods (works, services):

  • types of the goods (works, services)
  • brief description of the goods (works, services)
  • methods of conducting purchasing procedures
  • responsible persons (organizers of purchasing procedures), contacts.

Where to contact if you have any questions?

Go to the section Contacts

2. Study the supplier requirements

Study the general requirements for participants of the purchasing procedure in accordance with the Purchasing Standard in the section "Purchasing Management".

3. Study the purchasing procedures

Study the procedure for conducting purchasing procedures in the section "Purchasing Management" at:

4. Find procurement information

Study purchasing notices of PAO KAMAZ divisions, which indicate announcements of upcoming purchasing, indicating the timing of the competitive procedures, the form of their implementation and the contact details of the purchasing organizers at:

5.Preparation for submitting a budget quotation

Study the conditions, methods and procedures of conducting the purchasing procedure.

Prepare your quotation in strict accordance with the requirements of the purchasing documentation.

The purchasing participant should submit a budget quotation to participate in the purchasing procedure in the manner, in the form, on time and at the address indicated in the notice and documentation on the purchasing.

To pass the preliminary selection and to take part in the purchasing procedure, we offer you:

- for the purchasing of components and non-single products for the main KAMAZ production, register on the PAO KAMAZ Purchasing Portal, read the requirements for suppliers set forth in the PAO KAMAZ Supplier Guidebook, fill out the QMS section in the questionnaire, confirming the availability of the QMS certificate for IATF 16949, fill out a self-assessment checklist and a complete supplier form and submit a quotation from the purchasing participant on the Purchasing Portal;

- for purchases of metals, auxiliary products and materials for auxiliary needs, register on the PAO KAMAZ Purchasing Portal, read the requirements for suppliers set forth in the PAO KAMAZ Supplier Guidebook, confirm ISO 9001 certification, fill out a complete supplier form and submit the quotation of a purchasing participant on the Procurement Portal;

- for purchases conducted using the ETP, submit a quotation (application) through the ETP TenderPro. In the event of carrying out the purchasing procedure using the ETP, the purchasing participant shall submit a quotation (application) for the ETP in the manner established by the regulations of the ETP.


6. Follow the purchasing progress

Perform regular monitoring of information on the official website or the Purchasing Portal / ETP.

7. Study the results of the purchasing

In the section “Information on the results of purchasing procedures”, messages are published on the results of the purchasing, indicating the winner (s) of the procurement procedure: