Purchasing Management

The goal of our company is to offer a wide range of products and services at a consistently high quality of service.

The way to conduct purchasing procedures at OOO DAAZ is governed by the organization’s standard "Procedure for the implementation of purchasing activities", approved by order No. 301 of 07.06.2019;

The purchasing procedure at OOO DAAZ should ensure the achievement of the following goals:

  1. Formation of fair market prices for the goods (works, services) to be procured and cost reduction;
  2. Expanding the circle of suppliers capable of supplying good-quality products and services, developing fair competition;
  3. Prevention of corruption in the domain of purchasing and compliance with the principles of compliance policy adopted by OOO DAAZ;
  4. Improving the procurement procedure and reducing the time for making purchasing decisions.

The Purchasing Regulation provides for the following purchasing methods:

  1. Competitive purchasing without using ETP;
  2. Purchase from a single supplier.

Purchasing from a single supplier is the least preferred purchasing method that can be used by the purchasing organizer.

Purchasing planning at OOO DAAZ is carried out through the formation of purchasing programs by the Organizers of the Purchasing Organizations, which is the plan of purchasing procedures for next calendar year.

The purchasing program is made available on the official website of OOO DAAZ and potential suppliers have the opportunity to know about the need for the commodities and materials.

Competitive purchasing procedure

Notification form

Supplier Questionnaire

Requirements for purchasing participants established by the organization’s standard

The purchasing information posted on the official website of OOO DAAZ is not a public offer. Proposals received from potential counterparties do not entail the obligation of OOO DAAZ to accept the offers made and any other legally significant obligations